UniVeCS will provide a framework for developing turn-based vehicle combat games along the lines of many popular table top strategy simulations. The core game system will provide a flexible and extensible rules engine which allows the definition of rule sets units, terrain, weapons, defenses, movement, intelligence, power, and so on.

In conjunction with development of the game system, we will develop a genre designer tool suite that can be used by the players to modify, extend or even write their own "genre packs"; sets of rules, equipment, scenarios, campaigns, sprites, maps. Some examples might include:

  • Imperium - the players control a fleets of starships battling for control of interstellar nations
  • Highway to Hell - player controls packs of vehicles fighting in a post apocalyptic waste land
  • Big Iron - player controls squads of giant humanoid robots battling for honor and money in the far future
  • Man o' War - in the Age of Sail, the player player controls squadrons of sailing ships hunting pirates or the navies of other nations.
  • Pacific - World War II in the Pacific, including naval aircraft
  • Blood n' Guts - Patton against Rommel in the deserts of northern Africa
  • The 20 Minuters - World War I air combat in Europe
  • Battlin' Babies - Toddlers in high tech powered walkers show each other what the terrible twos are really all about.
  • Others?



UniVeCS is currently in the early planning stage so there's not much to see here yet. We are working on the high level vision statement and project roadmap.

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If you're interested in participating in the project and have some experience with strategy game design, media creation or Java development, feel free to register on our forums or contact the project organizer.